Cottrell & Vermeulen Architecture is an award winning RIBA Chartered Practice with more than two decades of design experience.

The Old Elephant


The School of Art, Architecture and Design (formerly known as The Cass) - Unit 12



Engaging with the ongoing regeneration of Elephant and Castle, we proposed alternative visions for the much maligned Heygate Estate. Working from the outside in we considered the developer’s red line as a potential seam, rather than a boundary – a territory for exchange where future plans can be interwoven with the existing built and social fabric.

We developed incremental and ephemeral strategies to inhabit the ‘borrowed time’ that the estate will be subject to during two decades of planning, demolition and construction. In response to this condition of urban ‘inbetweeness’ the unit collaborated to produce a re-working of the master plan that critically addressed issues of conservation and continuity, preservation and permanence.