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Takaungu Creek


Takaungu Creek, East Coast Kenya





Located on Takaungu Creek above the mangrove tree tops, this residential development is arranged around a protected courtyard to create an informal domestic setting for a main two-storey house and two single-storey cottages. Employing local materials and traditional building techniques, the un-faced coral block both internally and externally results in a building faithful to the simplicity of the local village houses. The building is ‘off grid’, using renewable energy and collected rainwater and is orientated to maximise sea breezes. A ‘natural’ landscape is being established using indigenous species trees and shrubs to reduce maintenance requirements and to provide a protected  wildlife corridor for suni antelope, sunbirds, elephant shrew and Sykes’ monkeys. The courtyard provides a more manicured landscape and shade protection.

Photography by Drone Shoot by Norbert Rottcher and Still Photos by Anthony Coleman